you love me… you love me not… you love me…

Every year the Burlington, Vermont arts and entertainment newspaper, Seven Days, holds the Daysie Awards. This year I am among the nominees for Best Photographer, and I could not feel more thrilled and honored. I never set out to be a “photographer,” and even now after receiving this nomination I struggle with the idea that people would even put me in that category. Simply put, I take pictures. I take pictures of the world around me, the world I work in and see everyday. And after I take a picture, I title it… humorously (or I at least hope it’s humorous). Because, like in every aspect of my life, I overcompensate for my insecurities with humor. People seem to enjoy what it is that I do. I know that I enjoy what I do, and that’s ultimately all that matters. But getting to share these moments and perspectives is very rewarding, as is this nomination. Being nominated feels like I’ve already won on some level. But man oh man how cool would it be to win the actual award! I’ve never won anything before in my life, to be honest. If I have, it was always by complete luck or chance. I would be incredibly grateful to anyone and everyone if you feel compelled to vote for me. The link to vote is here.

Thank you for looking.

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